Safety factors for you and your family while driving

Safety factors for you and your family while drivingThis short post reminds you and compels you to consider safety factors for both you and your family while driving, particularly at this time of the year when the holidays are in full swing and the roads remain busy but dangerously wet. It’s also that time of the year when you should be re-evaluating your insurance requirements, particularly if your insurance company has sent you a fresh renewal of your policy, dictating the usual above-inflation price increases.

Our tips are easy to implement, while advice on how to counter exorbitant annual insurance policy increases comes with experience and is based on some expertise.

You can save lives and money

Particularly relevant for when you are driving late at night through rain or snow, and also helpful if you want to see how you can reduce car insurance costs and overall car maintenance, provides you with information on new lighting options in the form of LED light bar sources. Apart from safety for you and your family being immeasurably increased, insurance companies take delight in such improvements to your vehicle. You see, not only are you saving lives and money, motor car insurance underwriters factor in lower risks of accidents happening and consequently, the reduced likelihood of write-offs and massive payouts.

But what many insurance companies habitually do in spite of drivers taking such safety initiatives, is continue to implement annual increases, motivating these by increased inflationary costs across the board and the general rate of accident increases in spite of these drivers’ own practical underwriting measures. This is a good time to remind you that everything in life, particularly where safety is concerned and especially where money is concerned is up for negotiation.

Let others negotiate on your behalf

You may not always be in an advantageous position to negotiate directly with your car insurers. Let this be good advice for the New Year then; talk to your bank or financial consultant (if you have one) about contracting a qualified and certified short-term insurance broker to negotiate on your behalf. The advantage of using a major insurance broking house is that, due to their large book of business, they invariably negotiate reduced premiums on your behalf.

In essence, this is fair to all parties concerned, especially you. After all, why should you be paying for the losses that other reckless drivers make? Your good standing and claims free record should be taken into account. Leading insurance brokers also know that some major short-term insurers are marketing and tailoring their products towards preferred clients such as you. Let it be known that while you save money, these companies are also saving on their costs.

Two safety tips

Now that you are all set to take your holiday drive out into the countryside, let’s leave you with two safety tips. Make sure that you have all buckled up. While driving, make sure that you keep a safe distance of not more than two meters from the car in front of you. And especially if the roads are wet, increase this distance.