More food for thought on how to secure your home

Perhaps it’s human nature, but people don’t always do what they are told or follow good advice. This does not necessarily mean that the recipient of wise counsel or expert advice may be stubborn or even reckless. His intentions then may have been rock-solid. For instance, previously, he may have been traumatized by great financial losses not of his own doing and caused by financial institutions of questionable values and fly by night maintenance men who also had a money making racket as their sole motive.

Fortunately, there is sufficient legislation in place to protect you, as a homeowner, from such dodgy arrangements. Insurance companies and registered house maintenance contractors and builders are required to follow laws which ultimately see to it that homeowners are adequately protected within reason.

Learn from the unfortunate experiences of others

More food for thought on how to secure your homeSecuring your home properly has a lot more to do with just purchasing the right tailor-made house-owners and house-holders insurance policies. It also has a lot to do with how well you maintain your house, from protecting your exterior walls with the right all-weather paint to making sure your basement has the correct sump pump in place to withstand and prevent flood damage.

has mentioned that the issue of water damage is quite serious. If you know of someone who has encountered such disasters in their home before, you will also learn that insurance companies and their underwriters are not at all pleased when policy holders do not follow their instructions or recommendations.

The consequences are dire, causing reckless homeowners to not being paid out fairly when such damage occurs or, worse still, losing their cover altogether. Let’s also just say that you don’t entirely trust the insurer you’ve been dealing with up to now. You could talk to your home loan originator or bank about recommending an independent financial planner and insurance broker about providing you with a service that is fair and impartial.

Let independent assessments convince you

More food for thought on how to secure your homeBut in any case, legislation seeing to this, service providers such as the Sump Pump Judge and your recommended or chosen insurance company are not going to be judging you at a stage when you are still trying to put together a good plan to secure your home and all its belongings lock, stock and barrel. We mentioned earlier that domestic specialists in insurance companies will avail themselves to you by putting together recommendations for you to follow. You don’t need to take their word as gospel, but an independent assessment (at extra cost to you) will show you that your insurance provider was right all along and, while covering their own financial costs, they had your best interests at heart.

These days too, you are even adequately covered against break-ins by following the recommendations given to you by your broker or insurer. The insurance package also includes twenty-four hour security patrols which will help prevent burglaries from happening, rather than reacting only afterwards as the case was in the past.