Mobile Barbecue Catering Liability

I know a friend who works in catering. It’s something I thought about doing myself in the past, so I finally broke down and gave him the barrage of questions I had been coming up with for a while. Naturally, for a successful business, you will need good quality equipment. Proper catering is about more than just cooking or keeping food though. There’s a lot of physical work that goes into it, and plenty of chances for people or machinery to get injured during a job. So, though I didn’t think it at first, I learned that running a mobile barbecue catering business comes with many insurance costs.

Equipment insurance is very important to the average catering company. Cookers, containers, ovens and other implements are all necessary to perform catering functions, so they need to work whenever the demand arises. These electrical or gas powered devices must be insured to keep a catering company running smoothly, without interruptions in service whenever a piece of gear breaks down. You could opt for a simple repair policy to handle breakdowns, but you might want to pay a little more to get immediate replacements for defective machines. This will reduce the amount of time you are without working gear.

If you’re in the market for that kind of gear, I recommend checking out Visit this website for more information about barbecue smokers, roast meat and grilling apparatus, whenever you have a minute. Remember, new equipment which is still under warranty doesn’t normally need to be insured.

Preparing food for and serving it to people comes with some liability concerns too. Sometimes meat doesn’t get cooked to a proper temperature, or food provided for an event isn’t exactly the best quality available – your suppliers and employees can make mistakes, even if you don’t. You’re going to want liability insurance at a minimum, though you may want bigger policies with more coverage if you’re planning on dealing with very large crowds of people on a regular basis.

Don’t forget that “mobile” part of your catering business either. You must insure any company vehicles you use for carting around equipment, workers, food and other goods necessary to providing your service. Simple liability insurance will be useless if these break down, so you’ll probably want to spring a little more to pay for a policy offering full coverage, or something close. A broken down vehicle can do a lot of damage to a mobile barbecue catering company.

It may be wise to invest in smaller equipment, or lighter gear that doesn’t need a big, bulky vehicle to carry it around. Then, you might be able to keep working by utilizing the vehicle of another if one of your own stops driving. Look here for gas smokers which don’t use coal or electricity to smoke food. Generally, these devices hook up to tanks of propane or other cooking gases, and are incredibly mobile when compared to other smoking implements. Having one or two handy certainly won’t hurt your catering company, at least.