Insuring Your Martial Arts Center

Insuring Your Martial Arts Center

If you’ve got a passion for teaching people how to defend themselves or fight off attackers with a number of weapons besides guns, then good for you! More people need to know how to fend for themselves in a bad situation, whether that means fighting or running. Unless you’re having one of those free class in the park sort of deals, you probably need a building somewhere for your students to gather, like a dojo or martial arts center of some sort. Insuring these places and the people in them is a complicated process with more parts than you may realize at first. Here are things to watch out for.

You can post all the signs you want around your property, but accidents that happen there are still your responsibility. You will want to take care of your facility the same way you would your own home. Keep the plumbing and electrical fixtures working and watch out for hazards like standing water which could harm you or your students. The first step to insuring anything is taking all the precautions you can without paying anyone. Doing your due diligence and keeping an eye open for potentially harmful situations or sets or circumstances.

A good way to protect yourself is to require waivers of some sort from your students. This can significantly reduce your liability in the event you do get sued, which can then limit any amounts you might be ordered to pay as a result of said lawsuit. Insurance is another good option. You can get insurance for your building, which may or may not include coverage for accidents which happen to people on the property. Different policies may or may not have this coverage, so be sure to read the fine print and understand what you’re buying before you sign anything.

Besides your guests and yourself, you need to protect the items in your facility as well. Any training dummies, weapons, awards, transaction records, uniforms, books or other materials could come up missing or stolen, or get damaged in an accident. These things happen and that’s what insurance is around to cover. Like every other insurance, you may get through life without ever needing insurance like this, but you’ll be glad you have it if you do end up needing it. It’s also a lot cheaper to insure your martial arts center than it would be to insure an office buildings or even your home, in some cases.

As for obtaining a policy, your best option will probably be to check with your current insurer, if you have any. Combining different policies from the same company is usually cheaper than getting single policies from a number of different firms. That’s because you pool all your risk with one business instead of spreading it out among several. It’s’ strange, but insurance just could be the one investment where you should put all your money with a single company. Just make sure it’s a good one, not a place getting ready to go  bankrupt in the next few years (or months).