How to cover your guests while they have a good time

By now, you all know that accidents happen. But these accidents tend to happen when you least expect them to. How is this possible? When you have thoroughly prepared yourself for all eventualities in as many ways as possible, you do lessen the chances of these accidents occurring. And even when they do occur on those rare occasions, usually due to any number of human fallibilities, the damage is at least minimal.

Like knocking your wife’s prized crystal vase over. Or worse, one of your raucous, inebriated guests doing the honors for you. This is nothing compared to swapping insurance details after a minor car accident.

Accidents are avoidable

Imagine the awkwardness at one of those rare celebrations where many old friends from far and wide have gathered together after how so ever long. The accident was avoidable but the damage was done and the surprise so intense that even the karaoke mike fell silent.

Speaking of which, you can use and other site ideas to help you plan your next big bash along with this extra bit of advice; plan well ahead of time on how to cover yourself and your guests while you all have a jolly good time.

Here’s just one unusual idea you may not have thought of before. Most householders’ policies will cover you for all eventualities, but coverage for parties is not one of those eventualities. Approach your insurance broker about tailoring a clearly-worded weekend contract which covers you for the accidental breakages we mentioned earlier as well as unexpected accidents to one of your guests.

Perhaps you still think this is not possible? It is. Short-term contracts of this nature are nothing unusual, particularly when there are prized assets in your home which could be very costly to replace if not adequately covered.

Gifts can be covered short-term too

Did you know that you can even cover gifts in this way? Again, talk to your broker about arranging the cover. Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and perhaps you are planning on buying your loved one expensive jewelry or a watch this time around. Cover can be arranged for the duration of leaving the store where you purchased the prized assets to the moment you enter your front door or your loved one places the item in his or her own home.

Invariably, you will be paying an additional premium for all of this, but in the event that such items are either lost or stolen, you will at least be covered and be able to claim for the unexpected loss.

Fortunately, markets also dictate that you as a consumer have as wide a choice to make when selecting a small karaoke machine set as recommended by Karaoke Island, or a tailor-made domestic insurance policy that includes clauses that cover the valuable items and inventories that aren’t specifically included in your annual coverage.