Skater & Longboard Accident Insurance

Skater & Longboard Accident Insurance

It is that weather for skaters and longboard enthusiasts to try out their new tricks and improve old ones outside at the local skate parks. While performing various maneuvers, you may come across a time where you will get hurt. Broken wrists, cracked ribs, and sprained ankles are not uncommon with skaters. Instead of hoping and praying you can afford your medical visits, it is of utmost importance to look into protection. Skater accident insurance can help cover your bills with a reasonable co-pay.

Make medical insurance a high priority and you will feel a sense of security and safety in almost no time. Whether it is only for fun or for a skating competition, skateboard associations are more than willing to help you get up to $25,000 of medical coverage. Recently, an announcement was made in terms of longboard users allowing them to take part of this wonderful protection. An excess medical insurance benefit of up to $25,000 would be greatly appreciated by many skateboarders, longboarders, and other protected skaters. No matter your skating level, there are policies in place that as long as your support these associations.

even longboard pros need insuranceA reduction of liability and exposure is shown in universities, skate parks, manufacturers, and other institutions and locations. Additionally, the skating associations can protect clinics and assigned events. Getting insured is very possible; however, there are some steps and tips to follow in order to avoid any insurance issues.

Community leaders, skate shops, skate parks, schools, and manufacturers can eschew any possible liability by following some rules. First, it is important to skate safely.  As a longboarder, you should consider buying a good quality longboard. Second, sign up as a silver member for the skater accident insurance. It is at least $30 yearly. For your club team, create a name for it and follow the rules and regulations of the skater organization. Be sure to follow traffic laws. Next, submit the necessary paperwork and promote the insurance policy while receiving approval. Every participant, that includes skaters and video/photo production, has to be covered by the policy. Register your skate club, team, or shop for a $100 yearly fee. If you face an accident, just send a report form to your insurance company.

In order to have full coverage, requirements are necessary to follow. Helmet use while skating is mandatory. Two witnesses must be present in order for the signatures on the accident report. The injury has to fit the time frames around the time you submit the form.

Coverage while participating in skating events are important if you want to be able to pay for an injuries that may occur. Injuries are common in this sport, so it is important to be proactive and sign up! Skater and longboard insurance doesn’t have to be a drag – fill out the required forms and you will have one less thing to worry about as you perform.

Be sure to ride safely and check out websites that specialize in long boards, you can navigate to this website for example, and see different long board types and brands.

Information Regarding Amateur Sport Accident Insurance

U2706P6DT20130218102357While you might think professional level athletes competing on a country or world scale are the ones most at risk of taking an injury while playing, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Amateur athletes are significantly more likely to get injured while playing their game of choice for many glaring reasons. A lack of knowledge surrounding the sport on question, insufficient training, the kind of gung-ho attitude which comes from a lack of experience and starting a new activity and several other points all support this claim. This is why, just like professional athletes, amateur athletes will want to get a decent policy.

Professional athletes

This type of insurance is good for any kind of sport where there is a realistic chance of injury occurring. Sports like archery shooting, which could literally cause a player’s death if all the wrong circumstances line up at just the right time, are especially good candidates for picking up a sport accident insurance policy. Your injuries don’t need to be fatal to be costly though – broken ankles from fast turns playing baseball, basketball or football can cost a ton to get fixed, not to mention all the time you spend out of work while you’re unable to move around like normal.

The right sport accident insurance policy will cover the costs of your medical care as well as provide you with a cushion to make up for time you’re out of work, like was mentioned up above. Perhaps “right” wasn’t the right word – the perfect policy would cover you completely. But you would be hard-pressed to find any insurance policy which would cover your medical expensive, lost wages, mortgage, groceries and other bills in the event you get injured. That’s why there are supplemental insurance companies out there; you’ve probably heard of a few, maybe one with a talking duck, for instance?

Speaking of broken ankles

Speaking of broken ankles, skating is another sport for which you’d want to get some sport accident insurance, especially if you do it on a competitive scale. Just rolling around your neighborhood on roller skates, skateboards or other wheeled, manually operated vehicles could still get you hurt, but injuries are much more likely in highly congested areas and places with lots of people. Because some broken bones can take significantly longer to mend and heal than other bones, having adequate coverage is pretty much a must if you’re going to be engaging in activities which pose a real threat to your well being.