Do you need pet insurance?

One of my neighbors wanted to know about pet insurance, and the way she could get insurance for her pet dog. Many people are not aware of pet insurances generally and I was surprised that she knew about it. She is a nurse at the local health center and has odd work hours, which leaves her very little time to look after her pet. She said that most of her fellow nurses were dead on their feet by the time their shift ended, but she did not feel tired because of the comfortable shoes she wears. I told her about the pet insurance plans available now. And on how she could get one for her pet.

There are special insurance agents who focus solely on pets. Settling claims in a short period or paying for the vet in case of illness or injury is easy, when you have the right cover. Picking out the right insurance agent is equally important, as you need a reliable, helpful and friendly person to deal with any of the queries you have regarding the insurance.

Important considerations

One of the important features you need to look for includes a cover that is far improved than what the traditional insurance providers offer. A fast settlement of claim within maximum five days of receiving the claim, payment to vet seen to directly by the insurance provider, special discounts and good referrals from vets are some of the important features you should look for in a pet insurance provider.

Besides dog insurance, you have insurance cover for cats, rabbits and other pets. To find an appropriate insurance cover, you need to look at genuine full cover life policies that suit the needs of your pet and your budget too.

Precautions to be heeded to

You need to first speak to the PDSA regarding free treatment by the vet and check if your pet is not in the excluded variety like dangerous breed or working dogs. Pedigree pets are more expensive as the risk of theft and illness is more. You need to check if the pet is not past the age limit for insurance. Third party cover should be considered, as it could cost you over£1,000s. You need to estimate the smallest amount you can claim and set the excess. Refrain from lying, as it will render the policy useless. Multi-pet policies help in increasing savings. Annual checkups and injections should be taken care of, if not it indicates you are not covered. And remember to read the terms and conditions properly before you opt for a cover.

The fees charged by vets are expensive and increasing every year. This makes pet ownership quite expensive. If you are not covered adequately, you could go broke over paying bills for a broken leg or a cataract treatment. My neighbor was grateful for the information I shared and promised me she’d immediately consider a good insurance for her pet. She also gave me to find some good advice on the right shoes to wear, available at this website, while I’m working with my clients, as according to her good shoes keep tiredness at bay and makes one more productive.