Weapon Madness

Weapon MadnessSo you want to buy a gun? The question is why do you think you need a gun? If you are a member of a shooting club, it’s perfectly understandable. If you are an amateur hunter, well, it’s not that acceptable anymore to go into the wild and shoot animals. Somebody is sure to take a picture of you and post it on Instagram or Facebook and before you know it, you have an email box full of hate mail. Having said that, it’s one of those ‘man things’ that he must hunt. Buying a gun should not be a ‘snap’ decision, but one that you consider carefully.

I wonder if the cost of insurance is higher for a gun-owner? It might be an idea to take out insurances on all the members of your family. There’re some tragic stories, mainly from the USA, about shooting accidents. In that country, it’s as easy as shopping at a supermarket to buy a gun. It seems the only apparent law there is that you MUST own a gun!

Let’s go back to that insurance statement. If that is a question on an insurance form, you would have to assume that question 21 is “Do you own a gun?” Then question 22 should be “Do you have a gun safe?” if you think it’s a good idea to purchase a weapon, then you should think it’s a better idea to have a safe place to store it. I have a couple of friends who are members of shooting clubs. They just go to the range every fortnight and kill a few targets. They have asked me a few times to join, but it’s just not my thing.

One of the guys is a classified sharpshooter while the other just likes the feeling of shooting a gun. They both have a rifle and a handgun. Both of them store their guns in a gun safe. The weapons they have are expensive. When you add the cost of bullets, shooting is not a low-cost sport, is it?

If they might need the gun in an emergency, a gun safe is not a very easy piece of equipment o access in a hurry. Maybe that’s the reason people get shot a lot in countries that allow unchecked gun possession. Here’s the problem. A burglar or a home invader, whoever, gets into your home. You want to stop that person. Do you think he will wait for you to dash out and unlock your gun safe? Hardly likely.

People say that they buy the gun for their protection and that of their families, but a responsible gun owner will have the weapons safely stored. It’s a bit of a conundrum, isn’t it? By the way, both my friends have a special insurance policy that covers them and any accidental shooting while they are transporting their guns and using them on the range. Did you know you can get an insurance policy for almost anything you like, so long as you can find an insurer.

The long and short of responsible domestic insurance

The long and short of responsible domestic insurancePart of being responsible means you have to be truthful whenever you make comments online. And whenever you have good intentions and mean well when you try to educate others and provide them with coherent advice on the best insurance products on the market these days or leave them with good, prudent financial, underwriting and risk management advice, you had better know what you are talking about. Other people’s lives, quite literally, depend on this. More importantly, before you start talking to the world out there, make sure you are properly vetted or certified to do so.

Be prepared to test the waters

And, as is the case here, make sure that you’ve been given the go-ahead to talk openly, but without bias and as professionally and responsibly as possible, when dispensing good and proper insurance advice. This post responds to all that has been mentioned in its erudite introduction by also offering something of a disclaimer with a first piece of very important advice. Don’t take everything we say here as gospel. Part of being responsible with your short-term and life insurance needs means testing the waters, if you will.

Be prepared to talk to more than one certified financial planner or independent, non-associated and unbiased insurance broker openly about your immediate needs. And if their credentials are in order and they are everything that their company prospectus says they are, chances are very good that you’ll be receiving the best financial and insurance advice that your personal and domestic budget allows for at this time.

We’d also like to share some thoughts on being proactive and responsible around the house. Your garden presentation says a lot about the responsible person you are and shows passersby just how much pride and care you take in your personal belongings.

Creatively show burglars you mean business

Now, we say this with tongue in cheek, but to all intents and purposes, we are quite serious about this thought. Your proactive actions and personal creativity in organizing the building of a garden-friendly wall around your home, also says a lot to potential burglars that you mean business to the point that they are obligated to think twice, a human condition they are not famous for adhering to if Scotland Yard’s statistics are anything to go by.

This website, which coincidently talks about how to utilize suitable pole saws for building burglar proof fences, or even beautiful picket fences, also resonates with the responsible and proactive line on effectively insuring your home through your very own risk management initiatives without waiting for underwriters of the colonial and legendary Lloyds order to tell you what to do.

Speaking of creativity, let us leave you with yet another stimulating and innovative thought.

Many of you, through personal choice or circumstance, remain unattached and not obligated to sign up for archaic life insurance policies. Vis-à-vis your financial planner, you are now well primed to be strategizing towards a tailor-made investment package that is going to provide for you well in the longer term around the time you are no longer able to do so on your own.

Life Insurance

life-insuranceLife insurance is an agreement between an insurance company and its clients; where the company assures its clients to pay coverage or a sum of money in return of a premium on the death of its clients. On the basis of agreement, some other events like critical illness or terminal illness can also prompt payment. Here, there are some definite rules of insurance company that clients are obliged to fulfill; these rules can be a little different on the basis of different insurance company’s rules and regulations.

Premium is a concern of clients who usually pay it regularly or as a lump sum. If you have a life insurance, you have to comply with some rules and limitations of its company and if you can’t do that, you may be ignored to get its beneficiaries; life insurance is obviously a legal contract with no doubt.

The main goal of life insurance is to assure its clients by providing a measure of financial security for their family when they are dead. So, you should consider your financial condition and the living style you would like to maintain for your family before buying a life insurance. In addition, you should choose the right one, which is much more secured and save and which can prompt payment at the right time. Several life insurance companies are available and they are committed to provide various beneficiaries depending on their contract’s rules and regulations.insurance-451282_640

To limit the liability of the clients, definite exclusions are often written into the agreement; examples are claims related to suicide, war, fraud, unrest, and public commotion.

Life insurance policies are based on two major categories:

  • Protection policies- this type of policies is planned to provide a lump sum payment in the event of specified event. It is also called a form of term insurance.
  • Investment policies- its main objective is to enable the growth of capital on regular basis or single premium. There are some Common systems of investment policies, which are universal life, variable life, and various whole life