Unusual Types of Insurance

Unusual Types of InsuranceWhen you look at the things people are willing to insure, it can actually be pretty interesting. From homes to vehicles to personal health, there are many common types of insurance that general consumers tend to pick up at some point in their lives. That’s pretty boring, really. The interesting stuff is like insurance for volcanoes (why even live there?), or clothing, or hair – yes, there are people who insure their hair, believe it or not. It’s not as if they can get their old hair back if they lose it, but there are always plugs, extensions and other options.

But getting off of hair, let’s take a closer look of interesting types of insurance that most people probably won’t need at any point in their lives. Volcano insurance was mentioned, and that’s definitely a real thing, just look it up if you don’t believe it. Policies are actually quite common in places like Hawaii and the Caribbean where active volcanoes still regularly spew up magma. Like clothing insurance, volcano insurance is a very niche market where only a handful of people will ever really need it. But that doesn’t mean there is no need in the first place.

Speaking of clothing insurance, that’s a thing that actually exists too. Now, you wouldn’t go insuring a cheap $200 suit that you bought to wear once or twice and then forget about – that would just be silly. But there are hand-tailored suits, crafted by true artisans, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. The Brioni Vanquish II is a good example of this, look it up if you’re interested. With its unique fiber blend and white gold stitching, you could lose a ton of money if you leave your electric steaming iron unattended for a minute. Among those who iron clothes, who hasn’t destroyed something?

There are other unusual types of insurance too. For example, audio engineers who invest tens of thousands of dollars in recording and editing equipment tend to get their merchandise insured against loss, theft, damage and defects. The idea itself isn’t unusual – mechanics who invest heavily in their tools tend to look for similar policies. But how many people are in the market for audio recording and editing equipment insurance? You see, it’s still a real niche market, even if there is demand for such insurance, and there are people willing to pay money for the policies.

At the end of the day, insurance is about pooling risk with others who face the same dangers to their lives, their health or their possessions and property. So, even if there are little niche markets where almost nobody would require insurance, you must remember that “almost nobody” is not the same concept as “nobody”. Just take a look at your own situation and specific needs you have and you’ll probably be able to find at least one policy which other people would consider unusual or strange, just like most people consider volcano and clothing insurance to be unusual or strange.

Insuring Your Martial Arts Center

Insuring Your Martial Arts Center

If you’ve got a passion for teaching people how to defend themselves or fight off attackers with a number of weapons besides guns, then good for you! More people need to know how to fend for themselves in a bad situation, whether that means fighting or running. Unless you’re having one of those free class in the park sort of deals, you probably need a building somewhere for your students to gather, like a dojo or martial arts center of some sort. Insuring these places and the people in them is a complicated process with more parts than you may realize at first. Here are things to watch out for.

You can post all the signs you want around your property, but accidents that happen there are still your responsibility. You will want to take care of your facility the same way you would your own home. Keep the plumbing and electrical fixtures working and watch out for hazards like standing water which could harm you or your students. The first step to insuring anything is taking all the precautions you can without paying anyone. Doing your due diligence and keeping an eye open for potentially harmful situations or sets or circumstances.

A good way to protect yourself is to require waivers of some sort from your students. This can significantly reduce your liability in the event you do get sued, which can then limit any amounts you might be ordered to pay as a result of said lawsuit. Insurance is another good option. You can get insurance for your building, which may or may not include coverage for accidents which happen to people on the property. Different policies may or may not have this coverage, so be sure to read the fine print and understand what you’re buying before you sign anything.

Besides your guests and yourself, you need to protect the items in your facility as well. Any training dummies, weapons, awards, transaction records, uniforms, books or other materials could come up missing or stolen, or get damaged in an accident. These things happen and that’s what insurance is around to cover. Like every other insurance, you may get through life without ever needing insurance like this, but you’ll be glad you have it if you do end up needing it. It’s also a lot cheaper to insure your martial arts center than it would be to insure an office buildings or even your home, in some cases.

As for obtaining a policy, your best option will probably be to check with your current insurer, if you have any. Combining different policies from the same company is usually cheaper than getting single policies from a number of different firms. That’s because you pool all your risk with one business instead of spreading it out among several. It’s’ strange, but insurance just could be the one investment where you should put all your money with a single company. Just make sure it’s a good one, not a place getting ready to go  bankrupt in the next few years (or months).

Safety factors for you and your family while driving

Safety factors for you and your family while drivingThis short post reminds you and compels you to consider safety factors for both you and your family while driving, particularly at this time of the year when the holidays are in full swing and the roads remain busy but dangerously wet. It’s also that time of the year when you should be re-evaluating your insurance requirements, particularly if your insurance company has sent you a fresh renewal of your policy, dictating the usual above-inflation price increases.

Our tips are easy to implement, while advice on how to counter exorbitant annual insurance policy increases comes with experience and is based on some expertise.

You can save lives and money

Particularly relevant for when you are driving late at night through rain or snow, and also helpful if you want to see how you can reduce car insurance costs and overall car maintenance, http://lightbarland.com/ provides you with information on new lighting options in the form of LED light bar sources. Apart from safety for you and your family being immeasurably increased, insurance companies take delight in such improvements to your vehicle. You see, not only are you saving lives and money, motor car insurance underwriters factor in lower risks of accidents happening and consequently, the reduced likelihood of write-offs and massive payouts.

But what many insurance companies habitually do in spite of drivers taking such safety initiatives, is continue to implement annual increases, motivating these by increased inflationary costs across the board and the general rate of accident increases in spite of these drivers’ own practical underwriting measures. This is a good time to remind you that everything in life, particularly where safety is concerned and especially where money is concerned is up for negotiation.

Let others negotiate on your behalf

You may not always be in an advantageous position to negotiate directly with your car insurers. Let this be good advice for the New Year then; talk to your bank or financial consultant (if you have one) about contracting a qualified and certified short-term insurance broker to negotiate on your behalf. The advantage of using a major insurance broking house is that, due to their large book of business, they invariably negotiate reduced premiums on your behalf.

In essence, this is fair to all parties concerned, especially you. After all, why should you be paying for the losses that other reckless drivers make? Your good standing and claims free record should be taken into account. Leading insurance brokers also know that some major short-term insurers are marketing and tailoring their products towards preferred clients such as you. Let it be known that while you save money, these companies are also saving on their costs.

Two safety tips

Now that you are all set to take your holiday drive out into the countryside, let’s leave you with two safety tips. Make sure that you have all buckled up. While driving, make sure that you keep a safe distance of not more than two meters from the car in front of you. And especially if the roads are wet, increase this distance.

Mobile Barbecue Catering Liability

I know a friend who works in catering. It’s something I thought about doing myself in the past, so I finally broke down and gave him the barrage of questions I had been coming up with for a while. Naturally, for a successful business, you will need good quality equipment. Proper catering is about more than just cooking or keeping food though. There’s a lot of physical work that goes into it, and plenty of chances for people or machinery to get injured during a job. So, though I didn’t think it at first, I learned that running a mobile barbecue catering business comes with many insurance costs.

Equipment insurance is very important to the average catering company. Cookers, containers, ovens and other implements are all necessary to perform catering functions, so they need to work whenever the demand arises. These electrical or gas powered devices must be insured to keep a catering company running smoothly, without interruptions in service whenever a piece of gear breaks down. You could opt for a simple repair policy to handle breakdowns, but you might want to pay a little more to get immediate replacements for defective machines. This will reduce the amount of time you are without working gear.

If you’re in the market for that kind of gear, I recommend checking out https://smokeysteakranch.com/. Visit this website for more information about barbecue smokers, roast meat and grilling apparatus, whenever you have a minute. Remember, new equipment which is still under warranty doesn’t normally need to be insured.

Preparing food for and serving it to people comes with some liability concerns too. Sometimes meat doesn’t get cooked to a proper temperature, or food provided for an event isn’t exactly the best quality available – your suppliers and employees can make mistakes, even if you don’t. You’re going to want liability insurance at a minimum, though you may want bigger policies with more coverage if you’re planning on dealing with very large crowds of people on a regular basis.

Don’t forget that “mobile” part of your catering business either. You must insure any company vehicles you use for carting around equipment, workers, food and other goods necessary to providing your service. Simple liability insurance will be useless if these break down, so you’ll probably want to spring a little more to pay for a policy offering full coverage, or something close. A broken down vehicle can do a lot of damage to a mobile barbecue catering company.

It may be wise to invest in smaller equipment, or lighter gear that doesn’t need a big, bulky vehicle to carry it around. Then, you might be able to keep working by utilizing the vehicle of another if one of your own stops driving. Look here for gas smokers which don’t use coal or electricity to smoke food. Generally, these devices hook up to tanks of propane or other cooking gases, and are incredibly mobile when compared to other smoking implements. Having one or two handy certainly won’t hurt your catering company, at least.

Public awareness insurance tips for people who work with food

People who work with food need to line up the best insurance packages that money can buy. By this is meant the insurance should never be the cheapest option but rather a comprehensive policy that does indeed match their budgets. However, this, and more, is only possible through a concerted effort on the part of the insured to conduct own research for insurance options commensurate with their business. It also helps a great deal to have an accredited, qualified and experienced short and long-term insurance broker as a member of the overall business team. And both business practitioner and insurance broker worth his salt are today well aware of the need to drive businesses and finances sustainably.

Effective risk management straight from the shelf

When they go to http://www.meatgrinderadviser.com/ and similar or related websites, the focused food retailer, wholesaler, restaurateur and home executive will be able to immerse themselves in food utensils and commercial processing appliances that are wholesomely healthy, holistically sustainable and effective cost-savers. But what’s also worth bearing in mind is this; business practitioners’ insurers will be fairly happy with their clients’ inventories of insured goods. This shows them that their insured clients have taken a responsible approach towards their business, also bearing in mind that effective risk management is never entirely left to the insurer.

Even while relying on their insurers in the event of accidents or breakdowns (of equipment), clients still need to approach their safety standards and business interruption strategies holistically. Working with food, they can also be creative with their methodologies. The URL example given above is also an important one. This is mainly because their product inventories are inherently all sustainable tools which benefit both food business practitioners and their clients.

An organic growth example

The meatgrinderadvisor.com website, as a useful example, are also able to list variable options for the discerning food industrialist and help him or her make erudite choices and decisions directly related to his/her line of business. Let’s take a real life example to help put both you and your insurer’s mind at ease. Take the local delicatessen as a fine example. Not only because it’s now widely known that it’s extremely good for their clientele, it’s also very good for driving new profits, going forward.

It’s also necessarily ingenious of a long-term approach to improving turnover and profit margins exponentially. In the main, this successful deli has wholly sold himself on the concept of organic life and the food that makes it possible. What he also now knows is that his discerning clientele are also looking out for organic alternatives. Necessarily more expensive than conventional dry and perishable goods from the supermarkets, these customers are more than happy to spend a little extra.

Finally, what’s also great about these sustainable tools is that the risks of public indemnity claims (food poisoning would be the most obvious example) are drastically reduced, if not eliminated altogether.

Plant Insurance

Plant Insurance

So you have a large backyard filled with beautiful tomatoes, green peppers, green beans, eggplant and other veggies as well as flowers such as daisies, orchids, roses, tulips, violets, lavender, and hydrangeas. You also have a separate section for all that basil you grew over the past few months.

You worked very hard for this garden and you will lose a lot if someone steals your crops or if a disaster ruins them. It is for this reason that you need plant insurance to cover your efforts in rebuilding the garden you lost. There are several insurance companies throughout the UK that offer plant insurance; you will need to compare their services and quotes before choosing a policy.

The Plants I Grow At Home

Plant insurance is something I have to protect certain plants that I grow at home and here are a few of those that I have grown with the use of grow lights. For example, inside the house in the basement I’m growing a few rows of  basil and rosemary and I use growing lights to help them grow in the best way possible. I started the indoor growing process by preparing my soil and putting it in a long rectangular container, then I  set up the grow lights to sit over the plants. When my plants were not yet mature I used blue tube lights but for the more developed plants I used the reddish orange lights.

What Should You Look For In A Plant Insurance Company?

You want to choose a plant insurance company that understands the different scenarios that could lead to damage to an entire garden and the representatives of the insurance company should also be able to offer affordable quotes. A plant insurance company that has a strong reputation and that has been around for a long time is also important when choosing a good plant insurance company.

Check Your Plant Insurance Policy Periodically

It is also important that you check your plant insurance policy occasionally even if your garden has not experienced any theft or damage because while most things in your garden are covered with this insurance, certain items may only be covered partially or not at all depending on your insurer. If you feel you need to obtain a different policy or inquire about items that the insurer does not cover, meet with your representative to discuss the matter.


When you obtain plant insurance for your outdoor and indoor plants you have using the high-quality grow lights, you have peace of mind knowing that you will have monetary coverage in the event of a disaster or theft. The insurance funds are helpful in purchasing the supplies needed to create a new garden and possibly pay for a gardener to do the job. When you receive insurance funds you should budget and make sure you spend the funds wisely. You also want to take photos of any damage from your garden when making a claim.

Skater & Longboard Accident Insurance

Skater & Longboard Accident Insurance

It is that weather for skaters and longboard enthusiasts to try out their new tricks and improve old ones outside at the local skate parks. While performing various maneuvers, you may come across a time where you will get hurt. Broken wrists, cracked ribs, and sprained ankles are not uncommon with skaters. Instead of hoping and praying you can afford your medical visits, it is of utmost importance to look into protection. Skater accident insurance can help cover your bills with a reasonable co-pay.

Make medical insurance a high priority and you will feel a sense of security and safety in almost no time. Whether it is only for fun or for a skating competition, skateboard associations are more than willing to help you get up to $25,000 of medical coverage. Recently, an announcement was made in terms of longboard users allowing them to take part of this wonderful protection. An excess medical insurance benefit of up to $25,000 would be greatly appreciated by many skateboarders, longboarders, and other protected skaters. No matter your skating level, there are policies in place that as long as your support these associations.

even longboard pros need insuranceA reduction of liability and exposure is shown in universities, skate parks, manufacturers, and other institutions and locations. Additionally, the skating associations can protect clinics and assigned events. Getting insured is very possible; however, there are some steps and tips to follow in order to avoid any insurance issues.

Community leaders, skate shops, skate parks, schools, and manufacturers can eschew any possible liability by following some rules. First, it is important to skate safely.  As a longboarder, you should consider buying a good quality longboard. Second, sign up as a silver member for the skater accident insurance. It is at least $30 yearly. For your club team, create a name for it and follow the rules and regulations of the skater organization. Be sure to follow traffic laws. Next, submit the necessary paperwork and promote the insurance policy while receiving approval. Every participant, that includes skaters and video/photo production, has to be covered by the policy. Register your skate club, team, or shop for a $100 yearly fee. If you face an accident, just send a report form to your insurance company.

In order to have full coverage, requirements are necessary to follow. Helmet use while skating is mandatory. Two witnesses must be present in order for the signatures on the accident report. The injury has to fit the time frames around the time you submit the form.

Coverage while participating in skating events are important if you want to be able to pay for an injuries that may occur. Injuries are common in this sport, so it is important to be proactive and sign up! Skater and longboard insurance doesn’t have to be a drag – fill out the required forms and you will have one less thing to worry about as you perform.

Be sure to ride safely and check out websites that specialize in long boards, you can navigate to this website for example, and see different long board types and brands.

Fitness Gym Instructor Insurance

Fitness Gym Instructor Insurance

Everyone is trying to get in shape, especially with the warmer weather and fun activities during the year.  That gym bod won’t magically appear without some sort of motivation and education. That is where fitness gym instructors come in.

Whether it is early in the morning or late at night, these busy bees want to have access to some exercise equipment to shred those few pounds or gain a few pounds of lean muscle on their body frames. While you as the fitness instructor are using the equipment, you want to make sure you are allowing your clients to have marvelous quality equipment in order to stay safe. That is why you need fitness gym instructor insurance.

Certified personal trainers, health coaches, and even group fitness instructors understand the importance of equipment that will not malfunction. The aegis of liability insurance helps in making sure you are not seen as negligent or unable to perform as a professional. Some policies are unable to give you the proper protection in terms of general and premises liability. That is necessary to avoid any legal disputes, or at least, acrimonious ones.

Here is a scenario: say you meet someone interested in your fitness services. One day, during a 1-mile jog on the treadmill, your client slips and falls. The client hit his head and now, his forehead is bleeding profusely. He may go as far as blaming you for the spill, and as a result, you are involved in a lawsuit saying that you were irresponsible and the main cause of the fall.  Without liability insurance, you would have to defend yourself in court. You may have to pay thousands as the result of avoiding paying any sort of protection in the first place. Unfortunately, these situations occur more than one would expect.

In order to improve your credibility and show straight-forward professionalism, an insurance ID card can help you show evidence that you are indeed protected by an insurance policy. The majority of independent contractors will not be permitted to work with clubs if no proof is provided.

Insurance rates vary, depending on the state and policy premiums. You have the option to have a 1-year policy or 2-year policy. That way, you will get the broad protection that you deserve.  Protecting yourself with liability insurance is a smart move on your part, and will allow your clientele to feel comfortable and safe while receiving your services.

Make sure you are sufficiently covered and learn more about the premiums. ACE-certified health and fitness professionals can receive special discounts and can be helped once contacting the insurance service provider based on the state they are working in. Liability, studio, and health insurance will give you what you need as gym instructors. Apply for coverage and you will see the enhancement from simply making sure you and your clients are highly satisfied through credibility.

Make the smart decision and become proactive. Avoid any possible legal labyrinths, or at least, make sure you exit as easily as you have entered.  Get insured today!

Weapon Madness

Weapon MadnessSo you want to buy a gun? The question is why do you think you need a gun? If you are a member of a shooting club, it’s perfectly understandable. If you are an amateur hunter, well, it’s not that acceptable anymore to go into the wild and shoot animals. Somebody is sure to take a picture of you and post it on Instagram or Facebook and before you know it, you have an email box full of hate mail. Having said that, it’s one of those ‘man things’ that he must hunt. Buying a gun should not be a ‘snap’ decision, but one that you consider carefully.

I wonder if the cost of insurance is higher for a gun-owner? It might be an idea to take out insurances on all the members of your family. There’re some tragic stories, mainly from the USA, about shooting accidents. In that country, it’s as easy as shopping at a supermarket to buy a gun. It seems the only apparent law there is that you MUST own a gun!

Let’s go back to that insurance statement. If that is a question on an insurance form, you would have to assume that question 21 is “Do you own a gun?” Then question 22 should be “Do you have a gun safe?” if you think it’s a good idea to purchase a weapon, then you should think it’s a better idea to have a safe place to store it. I have a couple of friends who are members of shooting clubs. They just go to the range every fortnight and kill a few targets. They have asked me a few times to join, but it’s just not my thing.

One of the guys is a classified sharpshooter while the other just likes the feeling of shooting a gun. They both have a rifle and a handgun. Both of them store their guns in a gun safe. The weapons they have are expensive. When you add the cost of bullets, shooting is not a low-cost sport, is it?

If they might need the gun in an emergency, a gun safe is not a very easy piece of equipment o access in a hurry. Maybe that’s the reason people get shot a lot in countries that allow unchecked gun possession. Here’s the problem. A burglar or a home invader, whoever, gets into your home. You want to stop that person. Do you think he will wait for you to dash out and unlock your gun safe? Hardly likely.

People say that they buy the gun for their protection and that of their families, but a responsible gun owner will have the weapons safely stored. It’s a bit of a conundrum, isn’t it? By the way, both my friends have a special insurance policy that covers them and any accidental shooting while they are transporting their guns and using them on the range. Did you know you can get an insurance policy for almost anything you like, so long as you can find an insurer.

The long and short of responsible domestic insurance

The long and short of responsible domestic insurancePart of being responsible means you have to be truthful whenever you make comments online. And whenever you have good intentions and mean well when you try to educate others and provide them with coherent advice on the best insurance products on the market these days or leave them with good, prudent financial, underwriting and risk management advice, you had better know what you are talking about. Other people’s lives, quite literally, depend on this. More importantly, before you start talking to the world out there, make sure you are properly vetted or certified to do so.

Be prepared to test the waters

And, as is the case here, make sure that you’ve been given the go-ahead to talk openly, but without bias and as professionally and responsibly as possible, when dispensing good and proper insurance advice. This post responds to all that has been mentioned in its erudite introduction by also offering something of a disclaimer with a first piece of very important advice. Don’t take everything we say here as gospel. Part of being responsible with your short-term and life insurance needs means testing the waters, if you will.

Be prepared to talk to more than one certified financial planner or independent, non-associated and unbiased insurance broker openly about your immediate needs. And if their credentials are in order and they are everything that their company prospectus says they are, chances are very good that you’ll be receiving the best financial and insurance advice that your personal and domestic budget allows for at this time.

We’d also like to share some thoughts on being proactive and responsible around the house. Your garden presentation says a lot about the responsible person you are and shows passersby just how much pride and care you take in your personal belongings.

Creatively show burglars you mean business

Now, we say this with tongue in cheek, but to all intents and purposes, we are quite serious about this thought. Your proactive actions and personal creativity in organizing the building of a garden-friendly wall around your home, also says a lot to potential burglars that you mean business to the point that they are obligated to think twice, a human condition they are not famous for adhering to if Scotland Yard’s statistics are anything to go by.

This website, which coincidently talks about how to utilize suitable pole saws for building burglar proof fences, or even beautiful picket fences, also resonates with the responsible and proactive line on effectively insuring your home through your very own risk management initiatives without waiting for underwriters of the colonial and legendary Lloyds order to tell you what to do.

Speaking of creativity, let us leave you with yet another stimulating and innovative thought.

Many of you, through personal choice or circumstance, remain unattached and not obligated to sign up for archaic life insurance policies. Vis-à-vis your financial planner, you are now well primed to be strategizing towards a tailor-made investment package that is going to provide for you well in the longer term around the time you are no longer able to do so on your own.