Critical illness Insurance


Critical illness insurance is an insurance policy or agreement between the policyholder and the insurance company. This insurance plan, called major medical plan, is to provide a lump sum cash payment and to protect the policyholder when policyholder is diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses occurred in both inside or outside of the hospital. If you have critical illness insurance, you can have right to get coverage fully or partially depending on the conditions and rules of it. For examples, conditions could include cancer, stroke, heart attack and long-term hospitalization.

Some restrictions to make coverage for policyholder are unique. But several reasons behind not to get coverage are surviving 30 days after diagnosis, any critical diagnosis within the first 90 days, and pre-existing conditions.  Critical illness insurance policy has lower premiums for a healthier person but basic medical costs are not covered; if you aren’t a healthier person, you may have higher premiums to pay.

Why need it:

It is worth saying that critical illnesses can cause a financial devastation to thousands of individuals and families. This type of insurance plan is created to provide cash at a time it is needed most. So, critical illness insurance can be a very important thing that can protect your illness. If you don’t have this insurance policy, you have to pay for medical treatments in the event of your critical illness. If you are thinking the reason of taking out critical illness cover is to pay for private treatment, you can consider choosing for private medical insurance. Though a critical illness payout has no limitations on how you can practice it, it could be very useful to make pay your mortgage, or can allow you to go part-time, and generally ease your family finances.