Safety awareness for the recreationally avid

Safety awareness for the recreationally avidMost insurance practitioners, qualified and accredited ones at least, know these things all too well. Even at the best of times, the most cautious of insured persons can be prone to take their eyes off the ball or loosen their guard every once in a while when they are on holiday or just enjoying relaxing time off at home or on an outing. Shopping at the mall is included in these scenarios. The reduction in concentration levels when the body and mind are at its most relaxed is down to the trait of our human condition.

All risks examples and accident prevention

Insured folks who have pools at home or are contemplating having one installed this summer can also read more here about making some smart choices in regard to choosing electric, gas or solar pool heaters which are also approved of as an addition to the comprehensive all risks policy by their insurers. While insurance practitioners, insurance companies or brokerages, often remind their clients of these, there are quite a number of further examples, some of which are well worth mentioning in the context of this current article.

To prolong the above poolside example for a moment, no pool and its equipment, including the mentioned heaters, can or should be insured if it isn’t adequately protected as a stand-alone or isolated appendage of the pool package. Recommended adequate coverings should be utilized at all times. More importantly, and particularly when the pool is not in use, the perimeters should be guarded by insurance-approved fencing and its gate locked at all times. Holiday makers invariably take longer than usual drives out into the countryside. There is a complacent perception that these roads are a lot quieter and safer to drive on.

Full and comprehensive insurance should be the only option

Nothing could be further from the truth because no matter how well events are planned, accidents do happen. Hence the need for insurance cover. Apart from cars being fully and comprehensively insured (third party liability only is no longer just an option), drivers need to ensure the safety of their passengers at all times. Apart from ensuring that their vehicles are utterly roadworthy, tires need to be checked regularly for pressure and wear (the matchstick test is still a good test to apply in the event that users are not near a garage). And seat belts need to be provided for and worn by all passengers, especially backseat passengers.

Returning to the example of homeward-bound pools, there can be nothing more reassuring than a nice solar pool heater operating at any time of the day or even any season of the year, depending, of course, where the avid swimming pool lover lives.

But to be safe rather than sorry afterwards, always make sure that all safety measures have been implemented and are fully compliant with insurer’s risk management recommendations and policy conditions long before you and your family go out to have a splash.